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Activate avg retail using avtivation code

Want to activate, download & install avg security? To activate your security product of avg retail antivirus, uer need to create its avg account on official website that is avg.com and enter its 20 digit avg activation code. AVG is user friendly graphical user interface that is easy to use even for newly users. User can choose files and folders to scan, block unsafe internet links or even check your email attachments before download.

What is avg activation code?

AVG activation code is a unique 20 character alpha numeric code, used to activate AVG internet security. Generally it is there on the back of your AVG retail card. In an online purchase AVG activation code comes to your email.

How to redeem the avg activation code?

  1. Open your avg retail card, check its flipside and scratch to find the AVG key. Otherwise, check your email (if you bought it online).
  2. On the retail box guidelines, an activation link is available. Go through that link or visit avg.com retail page.
  3. Here, paste the AVG key from email or type the correct code from the retail card.
  4. Click on “confirm code” button to redeem AVG activation code.

If you have the CD, then you can install avg setup directly, but if you bought it online, then you can redeem the key by checking the email sent by AVG retail technologies. Then you can activate the setup from the official site. The activation link of avg retail works in installing, downloading, and activating the setup.

Activate avg with avg activation code

  1. Press the start menu.
  2. Open avg retail software on the system.
  3. Go to Menu and click on Settings.
  4. Hit the subscription tab and open it.
  5. Copy or type the recent purchased avg License Number.
  6. Enter avg activation code to the corresponding field.
  7. Hit the Activate button.